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Easy Gluten Free Italian Starters

When you are on a gluten free diet it is more challenging to come up with quick and easy snacks and starters as there is not as many convenience foods available.

In this post I want to talk about two very easy starters that take just a few minutes to prepare.

The first one is ensalda caprese. This is simply slices of nice juicy tomatoes, slices of buffalo mozzeralla topped with some fresh torn basil, extra virgin olive oil and some freshly ground black pepper.

gluten free ensalda caprese

Ingredient List for Ensalada Caprese (serves 2)

– 3 large ripe tomatoes
– 1 medium ball of buffalo mozarella
– A few fresh basil leaves (torn)
– Black pepper (freshly ground)
– Extra virgin Olive oil (or just plain olive oil if you don’t have extra virgin).

This starter is naturally gluten free and preparation simply involves slicing the tomatoes up into thick slices, doing the same for the mozarella and then layering the tomatoes and the mozerella along the plate. Next drizzle the olive oil on top of the tomatoes and cheese, then grind some black pepper and sprinkle some basil leaves along the top. An alternative way to present this would be in a tower – just pile the tomato and mozeralla slices on top of one another and garnish with the black pepper, olive oil and basil.

The second starter is Bruschetta. For this you need to find a good gluten free ciabatta style roll from your local supermarket or health food store.

If you are in the UK I recommend the DS brown ciabatta rolls. Glutafin do a nice brown roll as well and this is available on prescription in the UK. Many of these rolls need to be freshened up in the oven for a few minutes, but I find that a toaster does the job just as well! Just make sure that it is a toaster used solely for gluten free bread!

Ingredient List for Bruschetta (serves 2)

– 2 gluten free ciabatta style rolls
– 3-4 ripe tomatoes
– 1-2 cloves of garlic (depending on how garlicy you like things!)
– 1/4 of a red onion
– Lots of fresh basil
– Black pepper (freshly ground)
– Extra virgin Olive oil (or just plain olive oil if you don’t have extra virgin).

To make the bruschetta start by chopping up the tomatoes and the red onions into small pieces. Put these in a bowl and stir in the crushed garlic, olive oil, basil and mix together.

Cut the rolls in half and lightly toast them, then spoon on the tomato mixture. Garnish with some freshly ground black pepper and more fresh basil.

gluten free bruschetta with tomato & red onion

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