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Gluten Free at Rosa Mexicano in South Beach Miami

Guacamole at Rosa Mexicana - Gluten Free
I hadn’t had a Mexican meal since before I went on a gluten free diet, so I was delighted to find that Rosa Mexicano featured a gluten free menu!

Rosa Mexicana is a chain restaurant and can be found in two locations in Miami – Lincoln Road Mall and in Mary Brickell Village, which is a shopping mall in downtown Miami.

You can also find Rosa Mexicano in Boston, LA, Washington DC, Atlanta, Minneapolis and a few others.

The restaurant is very bright and colourful and the one we visited in Miami was also pretty big. They  have a seperate gluten free menu, so if you just mention when you arrive there that you are on a gluten free diet you’ll get this menu.

I was quite surprised at the large number of choices on the gluten free menu and felt quite spoilt for choice. We decided to start with Guacamole, which was freshly made in front of us and served with gluten free tortilla chips, soft corn tortillas and 3 different spicy salsas.

There’s a guy in the restaurant who does nothing but wheel a trolley around and make great tasting guacamole -a really nice touch and good to see it being made right in front of you. He got very confused when I asked him if the spicy sauces were all gluten free, but it turned out that he didn’t speak much English. I managed to double check this with the waiter afterwards and he confirmed that everything that comes with the guacamole is gluten free.

You can see the guacamole in the photo above – it looks pretty massive, but the bowl wasn’t as deep as it looks. Other appetizers on the menu included a market salad with mixed greens, avocadoes and honey vinaigrette, Flautas de Pollo (crispy chicken tacos), Pacific Yellowtail Tartare, Garlic and Lime smoked ribs, crab turnovers and a few others.

I had a very tasty frozen margarita with my dinner and Stuart went for an odd sounding beer cocktail – not something that he had tried before, but he enjoyed it.

For the entrees there were also a lot of gluten free choices available.  I opted for the chicken tacos – grilled and marinated in chilli, garlic, cumin and peppers, topped with slow cooked peppers and served with warm corn tortillas, cheese, rice, beans and various other condiments. The meat was very tasty, well seasoned and came in a cast iron skillet (see below).

Gluten free chicken tacos at Rosa Mexicana

Other gluten free main courses included duck, veggie, chicken or crab enchiladas, steak or lamb tacos, marinated red snapper, grilled steak with chipotle shrimp, shrimp brochette, barbequed tuna loin and a few others.

Over all I really enjoyed Rosa Mexicano – great choice for gluten free people, the food is tasty and there’s lots of it! If you are on a gluten free diet and enjoy Mexican food you will definitely be spoilt for choice here. I will definitely go back here the next time I am in the USA.

I’ve found that Mexican restaurants in the UK tend to use wheat flour tortillas a lot more than they do in the USA, where they seem to favour corn tortillas. I think this is one thing that makes Mexican restaurants in the USA pretty gluten  free friendly.

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