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Gluten Free Restaurants in Barcelona

I was lucky enough to spend around 2 months working in Barcelona last year and I now visit there regularly as my company has an office there.

I really love Barcelona – the weather, the food, the architecture and the variety makes it an amazing place to visit. If you are a coeliac or on a gluten free diet for other reasons you don’t need to worry about spending a weekend or a few days here – there are a number of fantastic restaurants with tasty gluten free food and it is really well understood by waiting staff and chefs.

Here’s a list of 8 restaurants and some supermarkets to visit in Barcelona if you are on a gluten free diet:




Type of Cuisine: Brunch, Crepes, Burgers, Cocktail

Area: Eixample

Address: Dipatacio, 55 (near to Placa Espanya)


Comments: GF crepes, GF burgers with bun, GF bread. Menus available in English and staff really friendly with good understanding of gluten free. Cheap, good quality vino too!

Rating: Staff Knowledge – 8/10; GF Choices – 9/10; Quality/Taste – 8/10


Teresa Carles

Type of Cuisine: Vegetarian

Area: Eixample

Address: Carrer de Jovellanos, 2, 08001


Comments: Delicious veggie food and amazing presentation.

Comments: GF marked on the menu. Nicely presented and delicious food. Lots of choice for gluten free including chocolate cake!

Rating: Staff Knowledge – 7/10; GF Choices – 7/10; Quality/Taste – 8/10



Out of China                                       

Type of Cuisine: Chinese

Area: Eixample

Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 100 (Metro – Universitat, Hospital Clinic, Provenca)


Comments: Gluten free items marked on menu. Great GF dumplings. Good choice of main dishes, which are nice but lacking a little in spice (e.g. Spicy beef was not in the slightest bit spicy!)

Rating: Staff knowledge – 8/10; GF Choices – 9/10; Quality/Taste – 6/10


Il Piccolo Focone                                

Type of Cuisine: Italian

Area: Eixample, near to Sagrada Familia

Address: C/Dos de Maig, 268 (Metro – Encants, Sagrada Familia, Clot, Sant Pau)


Comments: Gluten free pasta, pizza and desserts.

Rating: I’ve not been to this one yet.




Type of Cuisine: Japanese

Area: Eixample, ne

Gluten free sushi at Watatsumi
ar to Placa Espana (In the Arenas Mall)

Address: Arenas CentreGRAN VIA DE LES CORTS CATALANES 373-385, 5ª PLANTA


Comments: Great choice of sushi, almost all are gluten free. GF choices clearly marked on menu and GF soy sauce available. Not many non sushi gluten free items on the menu. I had a nice Bento box the last time I visited.

Rating: Staff Knowledge – 7/10; GF Choices – 7/10; Quality/Taste – 8/10





 El Mussol                                             

Type of Cuisine: Catalan

Area: Many areas (chain restaurant)

Address: Multiple – see website.


Comments: Separate gluten free menu available. GF bread & beer also available. Good cross contamination measures – your food is brought out the kitchen with a silver cover over it. Some strange accompaniments though – I was brought crisps with my steak!

Rating: Staff Knowledge – 10/10; GF Choices – 6/10; Quality/Taste – 6/10


Thai Barcelona           

Type of cuisine: Thai

Area: Eixample

Address: Dipatacio, 273


Comments: Lovely Pad Thai and Thai curry. They have a small GF section in their menu, but when you question them you find out that there are a lot of other GF choices that are just not marked on the menu.

Rating: Staff Knowledge – 6/10; GF Choices – 6/10; Quality/Taste – 8/10



En Ville

Area: El Raval

Lovely gluten free food in En Ville, Barcelona

Address: Dr Dou, 14


Comments: Delicious food and a great choice of gluten free options. Most of the main courses are gluten free and a large proportion of the starters are also gluten free. The monkfish is amazing (apart from the time I got the bit with the eyeballs in it). The also do a lovely salmon starter with guacamole, which you can see in the photo on the left.

Rating: Staff Knowledge – 9/10; GF Choices – 7/10; Quality/Taste – 9/10







The El Corte Ingles supermarket in the basement of this massive store on Placa Catalunya has a huge gluten free section (perhaps the biggest I have ever seen). They do very nice GF French style baguettes.

The Carrefour on Las Ramblas has a really nice fresh sushi making counter, with lots of packs of sushi (including the ingredients on the back). Also in the basement they have a decent gluten free section, right at the back beside the organic section.

Mercadona – you’ll find this supermarket in many places throughout Barcelona. It’s not particularly great, but if you bring your own GF rolls or bread you can pick up some nice ham, cheese, salad etc.

The coeliac society of Barcelona also has a nice PDF booklet of recommended restaurants.

If you know of any other gluten free restaurants in Barcelona please leave me a comment below and if you are heading there soon, have a great trip!

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