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Gluten Free Food at Yeni Meze Bar in Edinburgh

Last month my friend Michelle & I had a fabulous dinner at a restaurant called Yeni, in Hanover Street, Edinburgh. I was extra excited to find that the menu was clearly labeled with “GF” against each dish that was gluten free AND over half the menu is suitable for a gluten free diet. Yay Hay!

Yeni serves a mixture of middle eastern and mediterranean meze dishes which are kind of similar to Spanish Tapas, with a twist. The menu includes items such as Humus (GF pitta bread available!), Kizartma (mediterranean veg with garlic yoghurt), oven baked aubergine, Falafal, garlic mushrooms, prawns sauteed in olive oil & garlic, patates with a spicy tomato sauce, Dolma (stuffed vine leaves), Kebabs, salads and more.

The interior of the restaurant was very bright and modern looking and had a nice ambience, although very quiet for a Thursday night (perhaps due to it being a pretty cold, dark February night?). The staff were also very helpful and friendly and they had a good understanding of the gluten free diet.

The majority of the dishes are around the £4 mark and the menu advises choosing 3-4 dishes per person. We decided to go for 6 in total – spicy potatoes, baked Aubergine, Kofta, Caprese Skewers, Kizarrtma and Prawns in garlic and oil.

Gluten Free food at Yeni Meze in Edinburgh

The baked Aubergine dish was tender and very flavoursome, the koftas were amazing and I loved the garlicy yoghurt and roasted veg. The dishes are all very similar in size to a starter and if you feel that you don’t have enough you can always order a couple of additional dishes.

Overall we had a fantastic meal and I’d definitely return again in the near future. Not only is this a good place for coeliacs, it is also perfect for vegans and vegetarians – you will be spoilt for choice.

The only thing that could be improved is the dessert menu. The only gluten free choice is fruit salad & turkish delight and unfortunately even the ice cream contains wheat! However, I felt completely satisfied after sharing 6 filling dishes, so wasn’t too upset by the prospect of no dessert.

You can read more reviews of Yeni on Tripadvisor.

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