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Gluten Free at PF Changs Miami

gluten free pf changs miami
The first thing I want to say is – I really wish we had a PF Changs China Bistro restaurant in the UK! I often have a craving for Chinese food and it’s hard to get safe gluten free Chinese food with all that soy sauce and batter around! I’d been to PF Changs a couple of years back when we were in California and I loved it, so I was excited to learn that they have a gluten free menu available. We were only in Miami for 3 days, but if we’d been there longer I would have visited PF Changs twice!

We decided to go to PF Changs for lunch rather than dinner, since the nearest one was in downtown Miami and we were staying in South Beach.

We were doing the Big Red bus tour, so got off at the Bayside marketplace and walked to PF Changs, which took a little bit longer than expected. Afterwards we discovered the Miami Metromover, a free train that covers most of downtown Miami and took this back to our starting point – a much better option in the afternoon heat!

The gluten free menu at PF Changs is actually within the main menu and they serve all the gluten free food on different plates from the regular food and bring you glutenĀ  free soy sauce to your table. The waiter was also very knowledgeable and aware of gluten free food, so I felt quite safe.

We ordered the chicken lettuce wraps to start with – this was a very tasty appetizer and big enough for two people to share (see photo below). If you want to add a bit of spice you can mix some of the chilli and soy sauce mixture into it as well.

PF Changs Gluten free lettuce wraps

For the entrees (aka main course in the UK) you have the choice of Sichuan beef, beef & broccoli, GF Changs spicy chicken, ginger salmon, shrimp with lobster sauce, Mongolian beef and a few others. You can take a look at the PF Changs’s menu here – just click the gluten free link to see the options.

We chose the GF Chang’s spicy chicken and the Beef with broccoli, both gluten free to share. Both were absolutely delicious, with nicely cooked meat and excellent sauce. You can see a photo below.

Gluten free food at PF Chang's in Miami

We managed to polish off everything on our plates and unfortunately I was too stuffed to try out the dessert. There was a gluten free flourless dome cake on the dessert menu that sounded very intriguing + a mini gluten free chocolate mousse.

All in all, it was a fantastic meal and my mouth is watering just thinking about it again. If a PF Chang person ever reads this, please open a restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland, or if not send me a few of your recipes instead


PF Chang’s can be found at 17455 Biscayne Blvd in downtown Miami, and in various other locations across the USA. I highly recommend it for gluten free food and I had no ill effects afterwards!

P.F. Chang's China Bistro on Urbanspoon

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