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Easy Gluten Free Italian Starters

When you are on a gluten free diet it is more challenging to come up with quick and easy snacks and starters as there is not as many convenience foods available.

In this post I want to talk about two very easy starters that take just a few minutes to prepare.

The first one is ensalda caprese. This is simply slices of nice juicy tomatoes, slices of buffalo mozzeralla topped with some fresh torn basil, extra virgin olive oil and some freshly ground black pepper.

gluten free ensalda caprese

Ingredient List for Ensalada Caprese (serves 2)

– 3 large ripe tomatoes – 1 medium ball of buffalo mozarella – ... Read More...

Gluten Free Mexican Soup Recipe

Gluten Free Mexican Soup Ingredients I created this gluten free Mexican soup recipe one day when I was due to go grocery shopping and didn’t have much food available in my fridge or cupboards.

I was glad I did, as it was very tasty and filling and has become a firm favourite in my house!

The soup is very simple to make and is almost a meal in itself. If you like your food to be extra spicy you can easily spice this up by adding some extra fresh chilli or dried chilli powder.

I hope you enjoy it!



Gluten Free Mexican Soup Ingredients (serves 4)

 1 tin of tomatoes 1 large carrot 1 green pepper 1 medium ... Read More...