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Gluten Free Soy, Ginger and Honey Duck with Pak Choi and Jasmine Rice

This dish is one of my favourite oriental dishes and always tastes amazing. My husband Stuart has been cooking this for a couple of years now and we got the original idea in a magazine from a recipe that used duck legs and savoy cabbage. He’s adapted the recipe to use duck breasts instead and we serve it with fluffy rice and pak choi rather than savoy cabbage and mash.

HoneyGingerSoyDuckGlutenFree It takes around half an hour to cook and is both gluten free and dairy free.

Ingredients for Gluten Free Soy, Ginger and Honey Duck (serves 2)

 2 duck breasts 3cm (1 inch) root ginger, shredded 3 cloves garlic 1 red chilli, sliced (deseed if you don’t ... Read More...

Paneer, Spinach & Tomato Curry – Gluten Free

Gluten Free Spinach and Paneer CurryI’ve been developing a new passion for Indian food over the last year. I love it that most Indian recipes are naturally gluten free and that you can pretty much make any curry as long as you have a selection of dried spices and some fresh ginger, garlic and chillis.

I made this Paneer, spinach & tomato curry for the first time a few weeks ago and I really like the fresh taste of it. It’s not too spicy, but you can always add some more chillis if you like it hot. The curry is also vegetarian and is packed full of vitamins so is really ... Read More...

Kerala Prawn Coconut Curry – Gluten Free

gluten free kerala prawn curryThis Kerala prawn curry is one of my favorite Indian dishes. Like most Indian curries it is naturally gluten free and full of fresh tasting flavours. The curry isn’t too spicy and it is relatively straightforward to make.

You need a blender to make this, but a mini food processor will do if you are making a curry for 2 people. This curry would also work well as a vegetarian or vegan dish  – just replace the prawns with vegetables such as peppers, baby corn, mushrooms, or perhaps something more exotic such as okra!

If you are making this for ...

Chicken and Spinach Curry Jalfrezi Style (Gluten Free)

gluten free chicken jalfrezi spinach curryI didn’t cook Indian curries very often before I started a gluten free diet, but recently I’ve come to love them! I’ve found that pretty much every Indian curry recipe I’ve come across so far has been naturally gluten free and the taste that you get from creating a curry from scratch is just amazing!

Another good thing is that you don’t need too many specialist ingredients. You can buy all the dried herbs and spices from your local supermarket and they’ll last in your store cupboard for many months or years.

My latest creation is something that I call “Chicken Spinach Jalfrezi”. I’ve made this a ... Read More...

Gluten Free Risotto Recipe

gluten free risotto recipeI’ve been making this gluten free risotto recipe for years now, long before I had to go on a gluten free diet. Rice is naturally gluten free and there are so many different variations of risotto and different ingredients that you can add to it. If you are vegetarian, a simple mushroom risotto can be lovely or a risotto with some peppers. If you are a meat or fish eater, why not add some chicken, prawns or scallops? In this gluten free risotto recipe I am keeping it simple and using mushrooms, but if you prefer it with chicken, just seal the chicken at the start of ... Read More...