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Archive for May, 2012

Kerala Prawn Coconut Curry – Gluten Free

gluten free kerala prawn curryThis Kerala prawn curry is one of my favorite Indian dishes. Like most Indian curries it is naturally gluten free and full of fresh tasting flavours. The curry isn’t too spicy and it is relatively straightforward to make.

You need a blender to make this, but a mini food processor will do if you are making a curry for 2 people. This curry would also work well as a vegetarian or vegan dish  – just replace the prawns with vegetables such as peppers, baby corn, mushrooms, or perhaps something more exotic such as okra!

If you are making this for ...

Gluten Free Meringue Recipe

Gluten free meringue recipeMeringues make a great dessert if you are on a gluten free diet, as they pretty much always gluten free. They are also very versatile – you can make meringue nests with berries and cream, Pavlovas, meringues dipped in chocolate or even Eton Mess!

They are also pretty easy to make providing you have an electric whisk and you set the oven at the correct temperature. I’ve tried out a few combinations of recipes and oven temperatures and this is the recipe that has worked the best for me.

Meringue Ingredients List (makes 9)

3 large Egg Whites (1 egg white will make 3 meringues, so use as many as ... Read More...