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Archive for February, 2012

7 Gluten Free Travel Tips

gluten free travel tipsIf you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease you will no doubt find that planning gluten free travel abroad is a lot more time consuming than it was before. There are a few things that you need to consider for your gluten free travel such as the flight, the accommodation and the restaurants that you will eat in.

Here are 7 tips to help make your gluten free travel abroad go more smoothly.

1) Book your gluten free meal if you are travelling by air – if you are flying to your destination it makes sense to book a gluten free meal well in advance. You may find that ... Read More...

Stuck for Vacation Ideas? How about a Gluten Free Cruise?

gluten free cruiseAre you thinking of a gluten free cruise? One of the things that I’ve found more difficult since being diagnosed with coeliac disease is where to go on holiday. It used to be a case of using my imagination to come up with ideas, but now I need to do detailed research on whether or not I’ll be able to get safe gluten free food to eat. I’m very sensitive to cross contamination so my gluten free vacations to date have consisted of staying in a gluten free Chateau in France and a self catering holiday to Gran Canaria. Not very adventurous, but my main priority in my ... Read More...

Gluten Free Risotto Recipe

gluten free risotto recipeI’ve been making this gluten free risotto recipe for years now, long before I had to go on a gluten free diet. Rice is naturally gluten free and there are so many different variations of risotto and different ingredients that you can add to it. If you are vegetarian, a simple mushroom risotto can be lovely or a risotto with some peppers. If you are a meat or fish eater, why not add some chicken, prawns or scallops? In this gluten free risotto recipe I am keeping it simple and using mushrooms, but if you prefer it with chicken, just seal the chicken at the start of ... Read More...

Gluten Free Review of Le Monde, Edinburgh

gluten free review of Le Monde EdinburghI thought it would be worth writing a quick gluten free review of Le Monde in Edinburgh. I’ve been to this restaurant three times now since being diagnosed with coeliac disease – twice for lunch and once for dinner. Le Monde is situated in George street and is a chic bar with a large restaurant area, both downstairs (Vienna) and upstairs (Paris). It also has a hotel with 18 rooms, although I can’t comment on the hotel, having never stayed there.

I’m pretty sensitive to cross contamination and I’m pleased to report that I’ve never felt ill ... Read More...

Gluten Free Review of A Room in The Town – Edinburgh

Gluten free at A Room in the Town EdinburghSince starting my gluten free diet I’ve visited A Room in the Town in Edinburgh for a meal three or four times and I am always really impressed at the selection of gluten free food that they have available on the menu. A Room in the Town is just a few minutes walk downhill from the centre of George street at 18 Howe Street and is a great place for a relaxed lunch or dinner.

Here’s a quick review of A Room in the Town from the perspective of a gluten free diner!

The menu in A Room in the Town is printed on ... Read More...