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Archive for December, 2011

Is Your Medicine Gluten Free?

gluten free medicineIs Your Medicine Gluten Free? It’s not enough that those who suffer with coeliac disease have to endure monitoring everything they eat and drink. Gluten (the protein that causes the intestinal damage), is in some medicines too!

Gluten isn’t needed for any medicine to be effective but is commonly used as a thickener or filler to add bulk or shape. Gluten is also a pretty good digestible ‘glue’. So, one of the inactive ingredients in pills, etc. (sometimes called “exipients”) is frequently gluten. Unfortunately, it’s not always listed on the label.

Fortunately, more and more pharmacies are becoming sensitive to the need for many customers to have gluten free medicine. ... Read More...

Gluten Free Food at MP’s Bistro Edinburgh

gluten free food at MP's Bistro EdinburghA couple of weeks ago I had a delicious gluten free dinner at MP’s Bistro in Edinburgh. If you’ve not heard of this resturant before it is inside the Parliment hotel, on Carlton Hill. You can get there very easily if you are in the town centre by just walking up Waterloo place, past the Apex Hotel and Howie’s, then you’ll find a little lane on your left hand side.

In the evenings you’ll find a set menu and an a la carte menu and there also daily specials including starters, main courses and desserts. Although they ... Read More...

Gluten Free Cheesecake Recipe – No Bake

gluten free cheesecake recipeOne thing I never did before going on a gluten free diet was make desserts! I was far more likely to pick up a nice looking chocolate cake or cheesecake from the chilled counter in the super market. After starting a gluten free diet I realised that the selection of good desserts available to me was severely limited, so I started looking for simple gluten free dessert recipes that I could make myself. Here is a very easy gluten free cheesecake recipe.

This is a no bake recipe, but you will need to chill the cheesecake in the fridge overnight. ... Read More...

Are you Still ill on a Gluten Free Diet?

still ill on a gluten free dietIf you’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease and have been following a gluten free diet the chances are that you are feeling a whole lot better. But what if you are still feeling ill despite sticking to your gluten free diet?

I’ve now been following my gluten free diet for 1 year and there has been a massive difference in my symptoms. Right before I was diagnosed I felt ill most of the time and often could do nothing apart from lie down. You can read about my coeliac disease symptoms in this post.

Now when I do get symptoms, they are a lot milder, but ... Read More...